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Future events schedule

Here is a list of future happenings and events, if you are interested for more please get in touch with us. 

Upcomong Seminars etc.

So we have a list of ThetaHealing seminars coming up. If you want to know more please visit : Our Intro to ThetaHealing page

Vianna in Russia 2022

Yes – even with all of the global restrictions we are planning the return of Vianna to Russia in 2022, in January to be exact. This time she will bring her daughter Brandy, and together they will run the ThetaHealing Instructors seminars in Moscow. For more news watch this space!

Practice Evenings

We have started with a series of practice evenings, in March 2021, based on the category of Relationships. If you want to join us – feel free to have a look at the content schedule by visiting Upcoming Practice Evenings
Of course if you have suggestions for future topices feel free to get in touch!