What do I need to work on?

What motivates you?

The million dollar question – right?

Do you really know where to start? Or do you have that feeling that so much needs to be done, and you need to do something else, and wait – don’t forget the other thing too! And when you start to focus on one thing then the next thing appears and you lose track of what is important ?

It is common in todays hustle and bustle, that we end up focusing on so many things. Years ago, with no internet, with travel taking so long to get from point A to point B, our choices were much more limited. Time seemed much slower, objectives and tasks could take longer, and if you missed something by a few seconds it really should not have had a huge impact. But today we live in the fast lane, with so many choices and so many things to do, that we tend to forget about the things that matter the most.

What is it that I need to work on you ask? Well that would be simple, I would work on me!

Too many things to focus on …

Like most people, you would probably consider the following eight areas of your life as important. Some of them might be more important than others. Yet when the time comes to focus on something how do you get to the point where you know what to focus on? It seems simple enough to look at one thing and then think to yourself : “Health, yes I need to work on my health as I have not been to the gym in ages.” – But does that really give the balance you need in your life?









Maybe the 4 square model could help …

If you don’t know what needs to be worked on, to improve your current status in life, then you could possibly apply the simple 4 square model to test yourself and see what comes up as a priority :

I wantI don’t want
I need??
I don’t need??

Yet this only places things into a square model that does not give you a true reflection on what you think is the priorities that you need to work on in your life. Sometimes there are things that you don’t want, and that you don’t need, but you still have to do them. For example going across to the neighbour for a birthday party. You don’t want to because the finals of the a sporting event is on TV, or because you have a tonne of work to complete. You also don’t need to because it is only the neighbour who lives across the street and you see him everyday. BUT – you are hustled across the road by your wife who reminds you it is polite to drop by and wish the neighbour a happy birthday. Do you really need to do it?

Often we need to look to the outside, for someone else to help. Not for their opinion, but for their help to find out what we need and what we don’t need. Frustration often boils to the top when we feel pressured by so many things, yet have no clue which direction to take.

But wait – there is a way!

for a free strategy & planning session with Craig

A free session? There must be a catch right? Wrong.

From time to time Craig works with clients providing a free strategy & planning session. There is no catch. It is not another way for us to get your email address, and there is no spam auto letter that is going to hit your inbox every day after your sign up! Let us explain what it is that you will do.

  • You get a free 45-60 minute strategy & planning session with Craig
  • You will be asked specific questions about your current lifestyle and work
  • All information is confidential and we do not share your answers with anyone
  • You get to cover between 6-10 specific areas of your life, in detail, to find out more about what it is you should be working on
  • The method used is a coaching technique which Craig uses with his regular clients
  • And you get this for FREE. Yes – for FREE!

** This is a limited time offer and only available to the first 20 people who apply.

** To participate you will need to be over the age of 18, and have access to the internet and a video conferencing tool like Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts or something similar.

** Once an appointment has been scheduled it will be your responsibility to make sure that you make the scheduled time for the online session. No re-scheduling of appointments can be made unless you notify us at least 72 hours beforehand. Craig will wait for 7 minutes only for you to connect at the scheduled timeframe, after that the session will be deemed as cancelled. No payment will be required from you to have this session – it is totally free of charge with no other commitments other than you chose a time and date that you will be able to commit and keep.