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A few things we’re great at

Every person has a special skill or set of skills that they can use, sometimes even share with others. Here are some of the things we know how to do, and with some of them we are leaders in our field – we see ourselves as trailblazers in many areas.


We have hosted many events both in Russia and around the world, from small to large … and we have incredable fun and acheive amazing results every time we do it! It is super rewarding to see otheres change for the better – and that is what our events are all about – POSITIVE CHANGE!


Sometimes getting a particular result can be daunting, somewhat impossible on your own. And this is where we help you get to that place your going. Be it traditional coaching or a more modern approach – we are good at finding out where your fears block you so that we can help you move you towards SUCCESS!


There are many ways do develop your intuition, and we have found some of the best techniques to train your mind to become more intuitive, especially in focusing on how to let go of the CONTROL mindset and allow your subconcious to communicate directly with you … it’s all about allowing information to FLOW!


The TV and movie industry have given us the concept of “Love ever after” – but we are often not taught how to actually grow the relationship after it starts. This is where we can show you how to focus on finding the pieces of the relationship puzzle – so that you can avoid any potential relationship timebombs. And we introduce the concept of the need model to new or even existing relationships.


Our skill sets include training in a number of areas, methodoligies and techniques. These include:

Coaching for Businesses, Individuals and Teams
Training for Groups, Individuals and Companies
Events Management & Hosting, Team Management
Team Buidling and Relationship Skills Training
Counselling Servies (in person or via phone, skype or the web etc.)
Security management & Training
The ThetaHealing Technique
The Silva Method
Metaphore Card
Remote Viewing
Chinese Metaphysics / Chinese Astrology
Youth / Young Adults Counselling / Program Outreaches
Project Management & Information Technology
Online Marketing & Promotions

Do you want to learn more about the ThetaHealing technique ?

We have created a page on our CMS (client management software) system, which contains more information about the ThetaHealing technique. The CMS system is where we post all of our latest schedule, and use this to communicate with all of our students. Go have a look, and if you have any questions then by all means get in touch.

Learn more about the ThetaHealing technique …

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Craig shows great skill and understanding, like a wise old man who has lived for centuries. Thank you Craig for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and love of the subject with us!


a student from London, UK

You are my sounding board, and confidant. Without you helping me through these issues, I would have done something silly a long time ago. Thank you for helping me become a better person!


a client from Moscow, Russia

I am super selective with who I would call my teachers in life, and I thank the universe for bringing you to my path. You are now one of only 3 people I trust to guide me in my spiritual journey.


a client and student from Australia

Latest News

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