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Future events schedule

Here is a list of future happenings and events, if you are interested for more please get in touch with us. 

Upcomong Seminars etc.

So we have a list of ThetaHealing seminars coming up. If you want to know more please visit : Our Intro to ThetaHealing page

Vianna in Russia 2024

With all of the changes since 2020, ThetaHealing has now fully integrated online and remote location classes. In 2024 we will be hosting Remote Location instructor classes in St.Petersburg or Moscow, and also running several online only instructor classes.

For more information you can visit Remote Location Instructor Classes 2024 or Online Instructor Classes 2024

Hope to see you soon!

New Meditation & Practice Evenings

We are launching an exciting colaboration project very soon, where we will be doing online and offline meditation and practise evenings with other ThetaHealing Instructors. WATCH THIS SPACE !!