Why are ThetaHealing classes so expensive …

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Why are ThetaHealing classes so expensive …

Recently I read a post on a Facebook group where someone asked why the ThetaHealing classes were so expensive …

Of course facebook being what it is, resulted in over 150 comments, opinions and thoughts of how people felt, what they thought was right or wrong, and how the person who created the post could resolve the issue. But many of these small posts only covered a small part of the bigger picture, and many fell short of addressing the question, and the reason why this post was put up in the first place.

I though that it was the ideal opportunity for me to paint the bigger picture in a blog post, as I will attempt to cover a number of things that need to be said, considered and pondered over. The question I have is this : do we generally have an inherent lack of understanding as to the mechanics of how modern day marketers and sales people manipulate us into purchasing things we really do not need, or do we have an even deeper undercurrent working in the background which pushes us down and hoodwinks us when it comes to the value and price of certain things in todays world? Is money too expensive for us, or do we have a fundamental issue with understanding how to manage and work with money?

Now before I answer these questions and provide my two cents worth, please understand this one very important thing.

I am not employed by THInK (the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge), so the opinions I express here are my own based on the experiences and teachings I have had over the past 20 years.

Currently as I write this, I am the joint Country Event’s Co-Ordinator for ThetaHealing Instructor classes in Russia, with my wife Natalia. Both of us have completed our Certificate of Science in the ThetaHealing modality, and have worked with hosting Vianna in Russia since 2014. Her next visit is scheduled for 2021 in August to Moscow in Russia, which we will be hosting again.


Well many of you might know my passion for ThetaHealing. And in that post on Facebook I saw many familiar names and also some new names pop up.
The post originated in the :
“Global Theta Group”
and was :
“Why is theta class so expensive I have not got that sort of money .a course is £450 . Why so much I would love to learn just to much I feel a calling to do it . So I am very sad .”

If I had to time travel back to 2012 when I was working in London, I would have put exactly the same comment onto Facebook as what was posted. Yes, to the lady who posted it – I would have totally agreed with you, back then. But now, I have the hindsight and experience to understand why this viewpoint has surfaced, and also some advice on how to relook at the situation and move forward in a positive and life changing way.

I am now in a very different space and I will not attack, criticise or defend any persons point of view in that post. I will however share some very valuable points of view that you as the reader and many others, should be aware of!


I have trained with Vianna through many classes and my journey has allowed me to complete the Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. To gain this you need to complete around 17 or 18 classes, and I have already gone further and beyond that requirement by completing around 36 ThetaHealing classes.
That does not make me any better than anyone else, but it does provide some background to the journey I have taken together with my wife.
Those of you who know me, will know that with my wife Natalia, we have been responsible for the tremendous growth of the ThetaHealing modality within Russia since 2013 / 2014. Back then Natalia ran classes with really large numbers of students, and we started with hosting Vianna in Russia in 2014. That first series of Instructor classes, was filled with at least 85% of Natalia’s Russian students who wanted to learn more! At this point in time there are over 1’000 certified Instructors in Russia who can teach ThetaHealing, and they are based all over the country, with some even based in International locations like Europe or the USA.


When talking about the price of a class there are a few things to be considered. The first is the location of the class (online, offline, in your local area, in a city which is 1 or more hours of flight time away). The second is which country the Instructor is running the class from. And of course the last thing to consider is whether or not it falls into your own personal budget.

Now there is one thing that is super important that you should know :
You should never select your ThetaHealing Instructor based on the price they charge for the class you wish to attend! If you are swayed by pricing then you allow yourself to fall into mind games, manipulation, and marketing psychology. Some instructors might get super angry with what I say here, but in reality you should RESONATE with your Instructor for some reason. That energy connection between you and your instructor will really make a huge impact on your journey. If your instructor is the right person to teach you then you will benefit greatly from their skill, experience or abilities.

Classes are taught in many locations around the world, and some teachers travel to cities in their own country, and some even travel to international destinations. Because of this, there is a need to make sure that prices that are being charged follow some sort of conformity. Can you imagine an instructor from the UK going to a super poor country, and charging UK prices to those local students? Firstly the local instructors would get mad, and secondly the local students might not appreciate the pricing and avoid attending the class.
Recently teaching online was approved by THInK. And this allows me as an English speaker to teach people in Russia, and to charge the Russian prices as set out by THInK, to all the Russian students. And I could do this from South Africa, whilst I was waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted so that I could return to Russia.
Many of our previous classes in St Petersburg in Russia, had more than 80% of the students fly into St Petersburg to attend the class. To me that was super encouraging, because it meant that people were happy to pay for the transport and accommodation, to be able to attend classes with me.
The prices I charged for the classes were the same as anyone else in Russia, so it meant to me that those students RESONATED with something I said, or the way I interacted with them.

(also known as MAP)

*** Unethical selling ***

Because of the way in which many marketing companies and sales people act in very unethical ways, and because they revert to psychological manipulation to get that sale, many ThetaHealing instructors have been exposed for way too long to those same practices. The result was that many ThetaHealing instructors started to make use of “SALE” or “DISCOUNT” type of promotions for their classes. But early on THInK realised that this was not good practice. Allow me to expand :
A SALE means that a product needs to be moved, either because it is out of date, or because they want to start selling new stock, or because the item is not selling at the original price so they need to sell it for less. In many cases companies will use a “SALE” to drive up their turnover for a period of time as they want to make money and increase their profit margins. A DISCOUNT implies that a product needs to be sold, that it becomes more affordable for more people, and that you as the buyer can now purchase something which has been out of your reach until now. But if a discount is given on a certain product, do you really think that the discounted price could not have been offered before? Well – many shops have been caught out by raising their prices, and then miraculously offering a sale or discount for the original price, thus totally hoodwinking the unsuspecting buyer.
We have been trained to look for sales or discounts, as we want to belong to the club of those who can afford certain items. Or sometimes we just really cant afford things and we get tricked into buying more than what we need. 3 for the price of 2 when we only really need 1 item!

*** The introduction of MAP ***

So THInK came up with the concept of Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).
And here is how this works.
Each Country has it’s own cost of living, it’s own average minimum wage structure. This impacts on the spending ability of people within that country. To illustrate this I will show you 3 different comparisons – the cost of a journey on the underground, a Starbucks coffee, and the average monthly wage.

Single journey on the Underground
Also known as the Metro
London, UK
Zone 1-5

5.90 7.58
Moscow, Russia
Single Journey

0.57 0.75
New York, USA
Single Ride Ticket

2.30 3.00
Starbucks Caffe Latte (TALL)
(seen as a luxury item in Russia)
London, UK

2.25 2.93
Moscow, Russia

9.45 12.30

(you can pay up to …)

New York, USA

2.27 2.95
National Minimum Wage
(per month)

1’367 1’780

124 162

959 1’250
*** Monthly National Minimum Wage comparison ***

Think about this. If you had to convert directly from US Dollars and pay in the currency of the country you were from then :

  • A Russian Student would be paying 7.4 times their monthly national minimum wage
  • A British Student would be paying 1.1 times their monthly national minimum wage
  • And someone from the USA would be paying 0.96 times their monthly national minimum wage

Hang on – 7.4 times!!! Compared to just 1.1 and 0.9 times? That does not make sense right?

So to allow access to everyone across the globe, THInK implemented the MAP so that it would become affordable in each country to attend a ThetaHealing class. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for Russian’s if they had to pay the USD prices? If the prices were based on the current exchange rates then it would create havoc and pandemonium with all the instructors. So the prices are based in local currencies and based on country specific factors.

*** How MAP changes the playing field ***

Now with MAP implemented, the costs for someone to compete the first 3 classes in the ThetaHealing practitioner syllabus, based the price they pay in their country is :

  • $ 1’200 USD in the USA
  • $ 621 USD in Russia (or 48’000 Rubles)
  • $ 1’547 USD in the UK (or £ 1’185 British Pounds)

And this means that the percentage a student would invest in the first 3 classes of the ThetaHealing practitioner syllabus would be :

  • A student in Russia would be paying 3.8 times (their MNMW instead of 7.4 times)
  • A student in the UK would be paying 0.86 times (their MNMW)
  • And a student in the USA, well they would pay 0.96 times (their MNMW)
*** How does currency rate changes make an impact ***

In Russia alone the currency rates for the US Dollar to the Ruble has changed dramatically over the last 10 years – from a low of around 31 Rubles per 1 US Dollar to a high of 135 Rubles to 1 US Dollar :

Date US Dollar Russian Ruble Notes
1 May 2013 1 31.11
2 May 2014 1 35.60 Vianna’s first visit to Russia
September 2014
4 May 2015 1 52.25 Vianna’s second visit to Russia
October 2015
1 May 2016 1 65.68 Vianna’s third visit to Russia
September 2016
2 May 2017 1 57.00 Vianna’s fourth visit to Russia
October 2017
3 May 2018 1 63.86
1 May 2019 1 64.60 Vianna’s fifth visit to Russia
March 2019
1 May 2020 1 74.35 Vianna’s sixth visit to Russia
January 2020
3 May 2021 1 75.15
1 May 2022 1 73.34 First Remote Location classes in Russia
August 2022
Peak rate of 135.81 Rubles to the 1 USD
10 March 2022
28 April 2023 1 79.35 Second Remote Location Classes
February, June, July, August 2023
First Online Classes for Russia only
August 2023

THInK revisits the MAP every year and they do their best to make sure that it is a level playing field when it comes to pricing for countries around the globe.
Unfortunately this does mean that when you do a straight comparison of the prices for classes between different countries, that you might feel disadvantaged or that a specific country has an unfair advantage. But then you need to look at all the factors involved including cost of living etc. which is different depending on where you live and which country the classes are taught in.
And remember the MAP is only set for practitioner classes.
If you want to attend an instructor class then this is set at a standard USD value, no matter where you attend the instructor class. Why? Well – it is only Vianna, Brandy and Joshua that teach the instructor seminars. And they are based in the USA – so when they travel to other countries, they don’t have the ability to work in the USA. So this requires that they stick to one pricing structure, no matter where they teach.

*** Last note about MAP – the instructors agreement ***

Of course, the most important part about MAP is that all instructors sign an agreement that they will not advertise their classes for anything less than what is stated on the MAP.

POINT 3 – “I have not got that sort of money”.

There are a number of things to consider with this statement.
a.) What are your priorities when spending money ?
b.) What is your understanding of money ?
c.) Are there other options available for you ?

*** Priorities ***

Let us look at PRIORITIES.
If you budget and live within your means, then you will be sure to have priorities in terms of what you spend your money on. At one stage in my life I made enough money to pay the weekly rent, pay my London Tube ticket (to get to work and back), and have enough spare for maybe one or two microwave meals a week. The rest of the time I lived off cornflakes, milk, sugar and bread rolls (which were free and part of the weekly accommodation I paid for).
At that stage my priorities were to feed myself and stay alive.
After working hard, creating a reputation for myself, earning the trust of my employers, I was offered more work, and so my circumstances improved. My priorities then changed to be able to eat healthily, and I was able to generate more income for myself.
If your priorities with money is to spend it on things you do not need, then maybe you can look at sacrificing certain luxury items for a short period of time, to save up the money to pay for a ThetaHealing class.

*** Understanding of the concept of money ***

Now let me focus on UNDERSTANDING OF MONEY.
Money should always be seen as an exchange of energy.
If your understanding of money means that you think you are poor, then you will always remain poor.
If you understand money to be evil then you will always shy away from money, unless you have an evil streak within you!
If you think about the amount of time and energy a ThetaHealing Instructor has devoted to training themselves, then surely you would recognise that asking them for a free class, or asking them for a discount is not giving them the value that they deserve?
When you start to understand the principle of energy exchange then this is when you will start to remove many blocks and obstacles with the way in which you deal with money.
A free session does not do justice to energy exchange, unless there is something on your part that you give back in return. And when you are given a free session with nothing expected from you in return – then the value you place on that session is diminished. Why? Because if you got the session for free once, then it means you can get it for free the next time again ? Right ?

*** What other options are there ***

Finally lets consider THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO YOU!.
If you really have a difficult time with getting the funds together for a class, then you can consider things like applying for a scholarship, asking the Instructor for a payment plan, or even approach the bank for a loan. But getting a loan is the last thing I would advise. If you are not cut out to manage your finances, then getting a loan could be a quick way to disaster and getting more into debt.
YOU NEED TO SHIFT YOUR VIEWPOINT so that you can consider the alternative options available.
Scholarships mean that you get to attend the class for a reduced price (or sometimes you pay nothing) but it does mean you have to do something in return. Maybe you can assist the teacher in setting up the training room, or help with managing the administration needed for the class. In some cases you might have a skill that you could swap in exchange for the class?
So what are your other options?


ThetaHealing classes are not expensive!
I have attended non ThetaHealing 2 day weekend seminars in London, where I have gained maybe 30 minutes of solid content, paid over £1’000 British Pounds, and felt totally underwhelmed with the results from those 2 days. I have attended multiple week-long events, and paid over £2’500 British Pounds and only received maybe 1 days worth of solid content.
Within each ThetaHealing class you are given theoretical knowledge and then you are given practical exercises to solidify your knowledge. The ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper classes are some of the most life changing opportunities you will have. Why? Because they teach you how to connect to your own subconscious and find out why it is that you do certain things in life.
If you attend a ThetaHealing class and you feel it has been a waste of time, then you were not ready to make that shift. You were possibly also not really interested in finding out more about yourself. Not every person has the same fears, internal thought processes, and priorities in life as you.
So if ThetaHealing is meant for you, you will definitely understand it once you have taken a ThetaHealing class.
In my opinion, when you pay around $400 US Dollars or £395 British Pounds for a 3 day ThetaHealing class, then this is very much underpriced for what you get in return.


*** Now consider affordability ***

THInK have now implemented the MAP to cover most countries, so that the pricing reflects the earnings and cost of living for typical people in those countries. But that does not mean that everyone can afford to pay the prices that are set for their country. So to help with this, THInK encourage SCHOLARSHIPS. And the principle behind this is that a scholarship is part of an energy exchange. The student who gets the scholarships should do something in return for the teacher. And yes – THInK does NOT encourage GROUP scholarships.
Why ? Because this then starts to feel like discounting or reduced pricing.
Scholarships should be awarded on an individual person by person basis.

*** What about Payment Plans ? ***

THInK also recognises that not everyone has the full amount of money to pay in one go. So a few years back they started to introduce the concept of payment plans into the ThetaHealing community. Again this is decided on a case by case basis. And you have to apply to your instructor to see what options they can provide you with.
However, the use of a payment plan can also backfire sometimes. If you are someone who does not have control over your finances, then you could actually be creating chaos in one area of your life in order to take a ThetaHealing class. And that is something I would personally discourage. If you are not a planner, if you are living from hand to mouth as they say and you spend nearly all your money already on all of the essential things to live day to day, then taking credit with someone might not be the best thing for you. There are other options like scholarship that you should consider.

But you still ask : “Why are the classes so expensive ?”

So here is an important concept to understand.
In your subconscious mind, something that is given to you for free, has little or no value to it.
Because if you can get it for free now, then maybe you can get it for free again.
So something gained for free has little value to you. And with little value, there is little importance.

So – if you are given a free class, in many cases the class is of little importance to you and you do not commit to doing the time and the effort required in the class to achieve results.
When you are required to pay for something, and you have worked hard to make that money, you appreciate it more. And of course there is more value to the item you purchase. So when you attend a seminar, and you pay from your hard earned cash, you know that this seminar is something that you really want or need to attend. So you put a higher value to it, and you put the effort into it as you know the value of the money spent.

Of course – unfortunately – in many cases, when someone gets something for free from another, they will create an expectation that they will get the next thing for free again from that same person. And this creates a very bad habit.

In many cases from personal experience, the clients who come to me expecting a session for free are the clients who have the biggest blocks and beliefs to overcome. And these same clients are the ones who make little or no progress because they are caught in a cycle of getting free things but never having to put value to them, and thus they never get the results they wish to achieve.


When you make a shift in your belief systems, when you attend that first ThetaHealing Basic DNA class, when you start to understand the value that is given to you in that first 3 day class, then you understand that money is not expensive – it is an exchange of energy.

Consider each teacher, they have to market themselves, put ads up on social media, have professional looking photo’s taken, create websites, record introduction videos and more.
Then they have to rent training space (if they don’t already have that as part of their office), and they have to make sure that coffee and tea is provided.
Part of the costs they pay is to print your manuals, and also buy or provide you the relevant ThetaHealing books for your class.
And of course, the teacher has to continue with personal self development, so that they can be the best version of themselves, to help you, to guide you, and to provide you with the best possible environment to grow in and understand who you truly are when you attend the ThetaHealing classes.
If you attend the online classes which have now become available since April this year (2020), then that teacher had to pay their fee to THInK, plus they pay a monthly fee for the use of the ZOOM platform.
And if your teacher is a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, then they would have completed at a minimum 17 classes, half of which are as practitioners and the other half are instructors classes with Vianna, Joshua or Brandy. so the investment in time and money for those who have completed the Certificate of Science is huge! In most cases teachers have completed well over 20 classes.

Yes – I have completed my Certificate of Science in the ThetaHealing technique.

It does mean that I have a broader understanding of many more subjects and topics within ThetaHealing, than the teacher who has only just completed their first 3 instructor seminars.
The effort and the time taken by all instructors should be recognised. And the pricing for the 3 day seminars is worth every single penny or cent you pay.

*** I will compare this to other seminars ***

I have attended 2 day seminars in London, costing in excess of £1’000, and have received maybe 1 hour in total of useful information. The rest of those seminars were focused on marketing, and working people into their sales funnel to make more money from the attendees of the seminar. And here is where ThetaHealing is again very different indeed.

*** ThetaHealing classes are not like other seminars ***

Each class has a syllabus, that the teacher needs to follow.
There are set exercises, which you as the student have to complete.
And within this you learn both the theory, and start to practice the practical aspects of ThetaHealing.

So the value you get for the payment you make, all depends on how much effort you put into it during the class. If you close up and don’t allow anyone to work with you, then you are wasting your time. But if you open up and allow others to work with you and you work with others, then you learn, and you grow, and you find out more about how your own mind works.


So – are the ThetaHealing classes really so expensive?

Are they way out of your own price range?
Maybe – but then there are plans you can make to be able to attend them.
Save up, apply for a scholarship, or take a payment plan if you can manage your payments properly.

Should the prices be dropped?
No. They should actually be increased if we compared them with some of the other seminars and classes out there.

Should you practice ThetaHealing without attending a class?
If practising on yourself, you can.
But if you wish to work on others – NO.
You need to be in the midst of a class with a teacher who can help you grow and learn how to do things the right way.

Is the book enough?
As something for new knowledge – YES.
As something to show you how to help others – NO.

Should you be watching free DVD’s or videos on YouTube?
If it is for interest sake – YES.
If it is to learn how to use ThetaHealing properly – NO.
You can’t watch a DIY video on ThetaHealing and become a professional session master.
You need guidance and correction and help to become good at it.
Watching a samurai video will never teach you how to do battle and not get hurt!


I don’t have all the answers but I have been around for a while, and I know the ThetaHealing technique through my own journey and also through growing the community here in Russia.

I am friends with many ThetaHealers, and I know Vianna, Joshua and Brandy very well.

I am not employed by THInK but I have a good understanding of many of the ways things work, and I strive to help others like you to become better and better versions of yourself – if that is what you want!

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