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What motivates you?

Setting your goals

Setting your goals is such an important activity in life. It can make huge differences in the direction you take and the things you experience. It can grow you or it can hurt you, it can build you or it can destroy you. So be wise with setting your goals! Have you noticed that when…
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To coach or not to coach

There comes a time when you need to look outside of your circle of friends, colleagues and fellow business contacts, for help with moving your ideas, your business, your personal life or even something like your abundance forward! The question you will be faced with is – “do I hire a coach or not?” As…
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Business & Spirituality

Before you click on another page, you really need to read this! No – seriously! This is important! You need to know the dangers and the pitfalls of getting into anything spiritual, when it is not done in an ethical manner! Many years ago I was involved in organized religion. And although the concept was…
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The truth about “Manifesting”

Manifest your true desires or You can manifest anything you want are some of the most common phrases I see and hear when people advertise their online or offline courses, to teach others how to get what they want in life. But the question that should be asked is “Can you really manifest whatever you…
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